Protect Consumer Access to Kratom Act (KCPA)

Protect Consumer Access to Kratom Act (KCPA)

Posted by The Mitragaia Team on Nov 3rd 2023

We are excited to announce that the Protect Consumer Access to Kratom Act (KCPA) has been introduced in the United States Congress!

This bipartisan legislation is designed to protect consumers from the FDA's over-regulation of kratom.

The KCPA would:

  • * Prevent the FDA from classifying kratom as an adulterated food, dietary supplement, or new drug.
  • * Require the FDA to base all decisions related to kratom on scientific evidence and data, not bias.
  • * Require full transparency in all research on kratom funded by the federal government.
  • * Require the HHS to convene a Kratom task force to increase awareness of kratom research and identify its safe uses and potential health benefits.
  • * Require the FDA to open a public docket for public comment prior to hearings on kratom.
  • * Require the FDA to publish all public comments and transcripts of all hearings on its website.

We believe that the KCPA is essential to protecting consumer access to kratom.

The FDA's current approach to kratom is based on bias and speculation, not science. This has led to a number of harmful consequences, including:

  • * Import alerts that have made it difficult and expensive for businesses to obtain kratom.
  • * NDIN applications that have been rejected by the FDA, even though they met the agency's own standards.
  • * The suppression of kratom research, which has prevented scientists from learning more about this safe and beneficial plant.

The KCPA would put an end to all of this. It would require the FDA to treat kratom like any other food or dietary supplement, and it would give consumers the confidence to know that they are getting accurate information about kratom from the government.

We urge all kratom users and supporters to contact their members of Congress and urge them to support the KCPA. This legislation is essential to protecting our access to kratom and ensuring that we can continue to use this safe and beneficial plant.

Click here to watch a webinar on the KCPA on their Youtube Channel -

Want to learn more about kratom research, and what is supporting this Bill?

The AKA has compiled a comprehensive list of kratom research studies on its website:

This page includes links to studies on kratom's safety, efficacy, and potential health benefits. The AKA encourages all kratom users and supporters to read this research and learn more about the science behind kratom.