Ricks Rant

Ricks Rant

Posted by Rick on Mar 14th 2024


I just wanted to make it clear because i have had former customers over the past months coming to the understanding that my other company Royal Organics/Website i sold a year ago. The company who bought it was suppose to let everyone know but instead they decided (unfortunately) to just act like it was the same owner and the transition was very problematic and confusing for everyone. I did not plan on staying in the Kratom business but to start a new biz with high quality health supplements. But i could not get away from my concern for loyal customers like Veterans, Elderly, and all who have contacted me that Kratom helps on a daily basis, including myself.

All that being said i want everyone to know that we are a small family owned business and my prices are very low with Free shipping and we do not make alot of money at these prices. The large companies who have cornered the market buy in serious bulk like 2-3 tons at a time paying between $6 and $8 a kilo yet are prices are lower or matching theirs. I am not complaining just stating the facts so you understand that this for me is not just about the money. I have worked with moms whose sons were doing fantastic on Kratom but got pulled back into the party scene and died from opiates whose funeral i was invited to but couldn't stomach it. I have worked with bed ridden customers who were on 10 medications and now on 1 and are now riding in organized cycling events.

That is why i am in this business. If i can make a living helping others at the same time i will stay the course.

Thank you for your business and reading my Rant!