Gold Bali Capsules

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If you’ve never heard of Gold Bali before, you’re in for a treat and a bit of an education. This kratom strain is grown on plantations in Southeast Asia, specifically Bali, cultivated by skilled farmers who know how to treat it to bring out its very best.

Once it is harvested, it undergoes a special drying process, which is where the yellow vein color comes from since yellow veins don’t naturally occur in kratom. When the kratom leaves are harvested, they are dried in the sun. This works to modify the alkaloids present in the leaves, accelerating the breakdown of one alkaloid, mitragynine, and bringing out the other central alkaloid, 7-hydroxymitragynine. This results in a distinctive alkaloid balance that simply isn’t found in other kratom strains.

Our Kratom is 100% pure and contains no Ecoli, Salmonella, or other pathogens. We test to measure heavy metal content and ensure that there are no adulterating substances present.


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